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Written by Kristy on October 21st, 2009

Professional Wedding PhotographerThere are several things you’re looking for when evaluating either offline or online wedding photography courses. A few of those are:

  • Wedding photography training – all the different types of shots that are expected
  • Different techniques for the wedding itself and then the reception (also, some clients like to have you shoot candid shots before the wedding as the bridal party gets ready)
  • Training in all of the equipment required
  • Lots of example shots demonstrating what to do and what not to do
  • Tutoring from real, working professionals in the field
  • Training on how to run a successful wedding photography business
  • How to set your wedding photography prices
  • Ongoing support

When it comes to growing your business, wedding photography works very well with word of mouth promotion. You’re best advertisement is the quality of your work and that you’re easy to work with at all stages of the relationship. People skills are paramount!

Here’s a little tip that doesn’t come up often but is very important: Invest in some wardrobe. The client may not be interested in seeing you run around in your jeans and a t-shirt at their formal wedding. A few basics are all you’ll need for just about any wedding. Ask ahead of time what the theme of the wedding will be and what the average type of dress of the attendees will be. Also, don’t go overboard – you don’t want to show up any of the bridal party.

You’re going to be a professional wedding photographer, so act the part. Dress to blend in and always be courteous and thoughtful to all the guests. Remember, your next client is probably watching you.

Once you complete your intial wedding photography training, there’s a little bonus to be had. You’re not just a wedding photographer, you’re an all around professional photographer that can take advantage of other markets. What are they? Some examples include:

  • Portrait photography
  • Property photography
  • Commercial photography (product shots, catalog models, etc.)

Also, once you become a professional wedding photographer there’s nothing that says you have to stay in your home town. People are getting married all over the world in exciting and exotic locations. If you like to travel, you may have just found a way to get paid to do it!

I’m looking over one of many wedding photography courses right now that looks very promising. I’ll have a review of it out soon. I think you’re going be very happy with what I’ve found. It really covers all the bases and it’s presented in a multimedia format.

I’ll have more for you soon! :)

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  1. RAVI KUMAR says:

    Photography field is a best field which we can get peace & happyness.,

    if we do hard work and do love this field then we can get Good fuature & name / money everthing in this feald.

    i am proved of this field and i am happy to say as i am a Photographer

  2. dave ogilvie says:

    Is the package still available at $125.00. The comments noted are from 2009, hence my question…..thank you ……Dave

  3. Kristy says:

    Yes, I think it is Dave. Click on the link on the side of the page and you should the details on that.

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